April 28, 2015
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At least 14 killed in double suicide attack in Damascus

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (BNO NEWS) — A double suicide attack killed at least fourteen people in the Syrian capital, local media reported on Monday.

The suicide bombers detonated their explosives in al-Marjeh Square located in a busy commercial district of Damascus, the country’s capital. The blasts were not far from the local Police Department.

A police source told SANA news agency that the double suicide attack killed at least fourteen people, while at 31 others were also reported injured.

Reports indicate the first bomber detonated his explosives on the first floor when police opened fire. Shortly after, the second suicide attacker detonated the bomb on the street.

The explosions damaged the area, as emergency teams rushed the victims to local hospitals. It was not immediately known whether the victims were civilians or police.

According to the UN, there are 6.8 million people in need as a result of the ongoing crisis in Syria, with 4.25 million people internally displaced and an additional 1.3 million seeking refuge in neighboring countries. The conflict has also killed over 70,000 people since efforts to oust President Bashar Al-Assad began in March 2011.

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