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White House pool report #20 - First Family arrives at home

Posted on 11-07 at 09:59:28 CST

Potus has been dropped off at his home on the South Side. The time is 2:48 a.m.

We have a lid.

And if you will indulge your pooler at this late hour, we would like to thank the fellow travelers of Press 1 during this 21-hour pool day for their camaraderie, collegiality and good humor. So a big cheer to the AP's Julie Pace, Bloomberg's Margaret Talev, Reuters's Jeff Mason, Time's Michael Scherer, NPR's Scott Horsley and ABC's Jon Garcia, Melissa Young and Vicki Vennell.

And we would be remiss without mentioning the hard work of White House press wranglers Jeff Tiller, Pat Cunnane and Marie Aberger, who made this long and historic day as easy as possible to cover when one is spending most of it in a bus.